FOX Alumni

We take great pride in all of our college swimming alumni. If you or someone you know is missing from this list below, please email Coach Michael at [email protected]



Class of 2023 (view slideshow)

  • Avery Ball, Valparaiso University
  • Peter Crudele, Calvin College
  • Megan Furuichi, Rollins College
  • Ethan Huyhn, Boston University
  • Anna Karubas, Northern Michigan
  • Kate Pierros, Rhodes College

Class of 2022

  • Evan Lopez,  Augustana College

Class of 2021 (view slideshow)    

  • Megan Ciezczak, University of Kentucky to Vanderbilt
  • Anthony Crudele, Calvin College
  • Evan Villeneuve, Depauw

Class of 2020 (view slideshow)    

  • Tim Karubas, Kalamazoo College
  • Teagan Michaelek, Florida Southern College
  • Ashley Sterchele, University of New Mexico

Class of 2019    

  • Nidhi Chetan, University of Illinois- Chicago
  • Nate Cobb, Albion College
  • Jake Darlinger, Carthage College
  • Brian Daugherty, University of Tampa
  • Sabrina Firnette, U San Diego
  • Isabella Harder, Illinois State University
  • Emily Hennessy, Rollins College
  • Jack Hiss, Michigan State University
  • Divya Kale, UIUC
  • Sam Kastan, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Sathya Submaranian, Carnegie Mellon 
  • Kristen Stege, E. Carolina to U Tennessee
  • Christopher Thomas, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Preston Waldusky, St. Louis University

Class of 2018    

  • John Carroll, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Kyri Chen, MIT
  • John Ruan, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Jared Simpson, Harvard University

Class of 2017        

  • Kayleigh Cannon, Miami Ohio
  • Jacob Cunningham, UIC
  • Wyli Erlichman, Iowa State
  • Marissa Jasake, Augustana College
  • Hannah Hunt, Vanderbilt University 
  • Phillip Sajaev, University of Pennsylvania
  • Heather Sterchele, University of Maine
  • Eric Weng, UIC

Class of 2016    

  •   Matt Ciezczak , SIU
  • Joey Dalesandro, UIC
  • Ryan Dulaney,  U CT to San Diego State
  • Kevin Kluge, Southern Illinois
  • AJ Quinn, Case Western University
  • Michael Schwers, Michigan State
  • Emma Tinney, University of Delaware
  • Robert Bebe Wang, Denison 

Class of 2015    

  • Mackenzie Hornstra, Ohio University
  • Bhavya Kumaran, Case Western
  • Jordan O'Brien, University of Missouri
  • Joe Widuch, University of Redlands

Class of 2014     

  • D rew Dvorchak, University of Missouri
  • Katelyn Gorski, Case Western
  • Madeleine Hunt, Vanderbilt
  • Grace Soltys, Illinois State 

Class of 2013    

  • Megan Childs, Iowa State
  • Gia Dalesandro, Indiana University
  • Adam Stacklin, Virginia Tech University

Class of 2012    

  • Kevin Butz, Duke University
  • Ally Dvorchak, Butler
  • Michael Stack, Indiana University
  • Courtney Taylor, Illinois State

Class of 2011    

  • Rob Cicchini, University of Tampa
  • Kevin Cordes, University of Arizona
  • Conner Jager, Princeton University
  • John Mordach, UIC

Class of 2010    

  • Grant Betulius, University of Iowa
  • Brien Gerber, Northwestern University
  • Alisa Penkala, UIC
  • Hans Peters, University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point
  • Andrew Quinn, Denison 

Class of 2009    

  • Mike Lehman, Eastern Illinois University
  • Kevin Overholt, University of Notre Dame
  • Burke Sims, Stanford University

Class of 2008    

  • Brian Alden, Penn State University
  • Ryan Farmer, University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point
  • Kelly Healy, Illinois State